Sail Away

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The video below depicts the voyages of the Gem of Beverly, between April 7th, 1851 and April 29th, 1853. It was created from a map in CartoDB, after extracting and plotting the latitude and longitude coordinates provided by the journalist of the ship’s log. When the journalist recorded a whale sighting, you will see a small whale appear alongside the ship. The video is just less than two minutes long, and is not currently optimized for use with Internet Explorer.



The map below is an interactive representation of the latitude and longitude coordinates for the Gem of Beverly, April 1851 through April 1853, found in the ship’s journal. It was created using CartoDB, and each coordinate dot contains date, location, and whale sighting entry. Each coordinate dot also contains a URL to the page image where the entry can be read or transcribed. The map can be manipulated using the zoom feature in the top left corner, or by clicking and dragging to pan.