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Continued Friday April the 18th/51 The first part of theas 24 houres commenced with fine weather but fresh gales from the WSW laying up S by W at 6P.M. Took a squall form the W it continued squalley through the knight some times we could [carry] these out by taking in our light sails, at other times we wer obliged to pet her before the wind under her topsails settled down upon the [cap] with the reaf sailes hauled up at ½ past 6 A.M. it cleard of and we had fine weather but fresh gales from the W so Ends these 24 houres all hands imployed in ships duty and prepairing the boats for action

       ac   [va?]      cn     [vi?]

Lat 27.- 04 Long 72=13

Saturday April the 19th Theas 24 houres Commence moderate gales from WSW and hauling to the N.W. at 10 P.M. took a Squall from the W and the rain came in torrents About 11 P.M. it Cleared up and we had fine weather the remainder of theas 24 houres at 6 A.M. saw a topsail schooner heading to the N.N.E Lat 25=27 Long 73=13 we find by Observations by the [Judment and Crenaton] that we have had for two or three days past 2 or 2 ½ knots Current setting to the E it is proberbly owing to so much weasterly winds. Sunday April 20th The first part of theas 24 houres moderate gales From the W at 6 PM [meant whol?] sail breeze which continued until 2 A.M. then took in top galliant sails flying gib and reefed the topsails at 10 A.M. two sail in sight heading N. latter part of theas 24 hours fresh gales from the W.S.W. so nds theas 24 houres Lat 26=57 Long 74=38 Monday April 21st The first part of theas 24 hours commence with strong gales from the W to S.W. heading north [weast?] by the wind a heavy [ head?] beet sea at 2 A.M. began to moderate at 6 we wer under all sail at 10 A.M. breez freshened took in top gallient sails and flying gib. A ship in sight to windward heading to the south. Latter part of theas 24 houres fresh gales Lat 28 = 15 Long 75=42