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Vernon Lock Master Brig Sonora from Norfolk towards [Denara]

Latter part wee have two men to the pumps constantly the sea making a clear [illegible] over us and washing away part of the Deck load and straining the brig so bad that wee were obliged to throw over board the remainder of the deck load to keep her from filing with watter at the time of this disaster wee sounded the pumps, and found the watter had gained on us 2½ feet in less than 4 hours So Ends these 24 hours Lat by Dr 34=08 Long 70=40

[noted in margin] Part of the crew Discharging the deck load 2 men [smartly] pumping

February Friday the 10th 1854 These 24 hours comences with moderate weathe But a very heavy sea runing all hands is imployed pumping to keep the Brig [free] at 1 oclock PM. Set the Topsail and Jib at 3 oclock PM set the Foresail and maine sail midle and Later part the same all hands to the Pumps Except to make or set mor sail Lat at Non 34=08 Long 70=40

[noted in margin] The crew is So Exausted with pumping theare unable for any Duty two of them can doo nothing But steer

February Saturday the 11th 1854 first part of these 24 hours has fresh gales From th North East a very heavy sea runing from the North west the Brig leaks so bad That we keep two men at the pumps all the time midle and latter part the same with strong breses from North East Lat by obs 24=15 Long 58=50

[noted in margin] those that are not pumping are throwing over the Deck Load

February Sunday the 12th These 24 hours comences with Stormy and heavy weather midle part more clear but blows heavy from the North East and thear is a heavy sea runing The brig Leaking at the rate of 11 and 1200 Strokes per hour but the deck load being of[f] Decreases her leakage very mutch

[noted in margin] Lat 30=20 Long 63=[03]

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