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[noted in margin] Vernon Locke

the Burial at Sea

The Solemn words are said Let the sea receive the dead in this vast unfathomed bed Until time that be no more 1 The frothing of a wave And the good, the kind, the brave, Is in his ocean grave. all his storms of life are o’er 2 His shipmates stare With iyes of dull and long surprise That where their comrade lyes Not a trace should now be seen 3 The waves still rool & leap on th chamber of his sleep, Down down in the great deep as though he had never been 4 His ship mates walk away and in hoarse whispers say “God rest him” so they pray, Who doubts their prayer is heard 5 When seated at their mes They find one face the less Each shows his kind distress Thogh he does not speak a word 6 Some think that when again, They croos that restless maine, They will look and look in vain For their shipmates plce of rest 7 and some will sadly sigh. an wish that when they dye in churchyard they may lie. With those they have loved best 8 Death will not come and go Without his fitting woe, Methinks tis doubly so When he meets us on the sea 9 The world is then so small a ship contains it all The dead man neath the pall how large a part was he 10

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This is very close to other texts that a quick Google search were published a few years later by a man named Mark Lemon so it may be worth a short note in some literary journal. I have not looked ahead to see when the next entry was made.