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Barque Vernon, V. Lock Master to S. Africa

May the 2d 1857 Lat 34=30 S Long 4d East first part of these 24 hours has pleasant weather and moderate Breses from North East Midle and later part Moderate Wind North East Barometer 31.9 thermometer 70.5 water 70.00

May the 3d Lat 34=40 Long 06=20 E These 24 hours comences with light airs from North East Bafling at times to South East & East midle part brese freshens a little from North East and more Steady than formerly Later part light airs and bafling

May the 4th Lat 34=20 Long 09=50 East First part of these 24 hours moderate Brezes from North East weather Dull & cloudy midle and later part the same with an increasing breze from North East

May the 5th Lat 34=10 Long 13=25 East These 24 hours comenced with Strong Brezes from North East Weather thick and cloudy with Some raine midle part the Same all hands imployed all the later part in Seting up riging and other nesesary gobs

May the 6th Lat 34=10 Long 17=20 East First part of these 24 hours has thick and Squaly weather wind from North East Midle & later part the same but wind is increasing fast and Barometer faling from 30.5/10 to 29 9/10 Later part increases to a gale of wind took in all Light Sails furled the courses and close reefed the two top sails being with in 5 miles of Cape good hope wee have ships off shore

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