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From South africa Towards Boston

July the 14 comences with fine clear weather but moderate continues So throughout Lat 84 Long 19=20

July 16th has fine weather throogt wind South East But moderate th air is very warm to day thermometer Stands 117 in the Sun

July 17th has fine clear weather wind from N.E! moderate and cloudy all hands imployed In Ships duty all possible Sail Set to advantage

July 18th 57 Lat 06=30 Long 20=50 Comenes with cloudy & moderate weather wind South East! All hands imployed in Ships duty, in various ways

July 19th this day comences with fine clear weather wind from South East thiss has been the most beautiful day wee have had Since Leaving Capetown the air was warm and [elastic] the Sun Soft and pleasant. By every thing around us we have been reminded of the Stillness and peace with which the Sabbath is always associated on the land. the peaceful Sky the blue and Sun lit waves dancing as it were to Some ethereal music the Swelling Sails Spread to their utmost capacity by the pursuing wind Seemed like Some huge thing of life with its white wings spread in th flight. God Speed her in her onward flight! She bears to distant lands a freight of love to fond and trusting harts who after the wanderers in [other] and foreign lands has often [illegible] the mourners [prayer] oh, how we hope that this mild air may fan

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