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[Ha?] That start of horror – Why- That wild stare and wilder cry full of teror, full of pain Is there madness in her brain hark that grasping horse and low Spare me spare me let me go.

God have mercy – Icy cold Spectral hands her own inclose drawing silently from them Loves fair gifts of gold and gem Waken Save me Still as death At her side he slumbereth

Ring and braclet all are gone And that ice cold hand with drawn But she hears a murmur low full of sweetness full of woe half a sigh and half a moan fear not give the dead her own”

Ah! The dead wifes voice she knows That cold hand whose pressure froze Once in warmest life had borne Gem and band her own had worn Wake He Wake He low, his ies open with a dull surprise

In his arms the strong man folds her closer to his breast he holds her Trembling limbs his own are meeting and he feels her heart [illegible] beeting nay my dearest – why this fear hush she saith the dead is here

“Nay a dream an idle dream” But before the lamps pale gleam Tremblingly her hand she [eaises?] there no more the dimond blazes Clasp of perl or ring of gold “Ah He sighs, her hand was cold

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