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A Stormy life by Georgia Fullerton [Genta?] Court Rolls 2 quarts flour 1pt Milk Tea of soda 2 of tartar 1 # sugar 1 of Flour 10 eggs rind & juice of lemon Pare 4 apples grate them fine make the following custard into which stir the grated apple, flour 4 tablespoonfuls 1 pt milk 5 eggs little grated orange peel them bake them after mixing

Veal Rolls cut ½ inch thick rub them over with [egg yk?] & bread crumb them & fry 4 tablespoon flour 3 eggs as much milk as well make into a batter salt bake

Napolean & Blucher by L. Muhlbach Empress Josephine L Muhlbach Frederick the Great & his Court Louisa of Prussia & her time Henry 8’ & Catheran Parr


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