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and Deleware, and the Territories of Arizona and New Mexico and the Indian Territory south of Kansas, therefore, (Sect 1. The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, that the President of the Confederate States is hereby authorized to use the whole land and naval force of the Confederate States to meet the war thus commenced, and to issue to private armed vessels commissions or letters of marque and general reprisal, in such form as he shall think proper, under the seal of the Confederate States, against the vessels, goods, and effects of the Government of the United States, and of the Citizens or inhabitants of the States and Territories thereof: Provided however, that property of the enemy (unless it be contraband of war) laden on board a neutral vessel shall not be subject to seizure under this act; And provided further, that the vessels of the citizens, or inhabitants of the United States now in the ports of the Confederate States, except such has have been since the 5th of April last, or may hereafter be in the service of the Government of the United States, shall be allowed thirty days after the publication of this act to leave said ports, and reach their destinations; and such vessels and their cargoes, excepting articles contraband of war, shall not be subject to capture under this act during said period, unless they shall have previously reached the destination for which they were bound on leaving said ports. Sect. 2nd. That the President of the Confederate shall be and is hereby authorized and empowered to revoke and annul at pleasure, all letters of marque and reprisal which he may at any time grant pursuant to this act. Sect. 3. That all persons applying for letters of marque and reprisal pursuant to this act shall state in writing the name, and a suitable description of the tonnage and force of the vessel and the name and place of residence of each owner concerned therein, the intended number of the crew; which statement shall be signed by the person or persons making such application and filed with the secretary of State or shall be delivered to any other offices or persons who shall be employed to deliver out such commissions to be by him transmitted to the Secretary of State Sect. 4. That before any commissions or letters of marque and reprisal shall be issued as aforesaid the owner or owners of the ship of vessel for which the same shall be requested and the commander

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