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thereof for the time being, shall give bond to the Confederate States with at least, two responsible sureties, not interested in such vessel, in the penal sum of five thousand dollars: or if such vessel be provided with more than one hundred and fifty crew, then in the penal sum of ten thousand dollars, with condition that the owners, officers and crew, who shall be employed on board such commissioned vessel shall and will observe the laws of the Confederate States and the instruction which shall be given them according to the law, for the regulation of their conduct; and will satisfy all damages and injuries which shall be done or committed contrary to the terms thereof, by such vessel, during her commission and to deliver up the same when revoked by the President of the Confederate States. Sect. 5th That all captures and prizes of vessels and property shall be forfeited and shall accrue to the owners, officers and crews of the vessels by whom such captures and prizes shall be made; and on due condemnation had shall be distributed according to any written agreement which shall be made between them; and if there be no such written agreement, then one moiety to the owners, and the other moiety to the officers and crew, as nearly as may be according to the rules prescribed for the distribution of prize money, by the laws of the Confederate States. Sect 6th That all vessels, goods and effects, the property of any citizens of the Confederate States, or of persons residing and under the protection of the Confederate States, or persons permanently within the Territories and under the protection of any foreign prince and government or state in unity with the Confederate States, which shall be recaptured by vessels commissioned as aforesaid, shall be restored to the lawful owners upon payment by them of a just and reasonable salvage to be determined by the mutual agreement of the parties concerned, or by the decree of any court having jurisdiction, according to the nature of each case, agreeably to the provisions established by law – And such salvage shall be distributed among the owners, officers, and crews of the vessels commissioned as aforesaid, and making such

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