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shall give bond as provided. Sect. 10th That a bounty shall be paid by the Confederate States of $20 for each person on board any armed ship of vessel, belonging to the United States, at the commencement of an engagement, which shall be burnt, sunk, or destroyed by any vessel commissioned as aforesaid which shall be of equal or inferior force, the same to be divided as in other cases of prize money – and a bounty of $25 shall be paid to the owners, officers, and crews of the private armed vessels commissioned as aforesaid, for each and every prisoner by them captured and brought into port, and delivered to an agent authorized to receive them in any port of the Confederate States; and the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to pay or cause to be paid to the owners, officers and crews of such private armed vessels, commissioned as aforesaid, or their agent, the bounties herein provided. Sect. 11. That the commanding officer of every vessel having a commission, or letters of marque and reprisal during the present hostilities between the Confederate States and the United States, shall keep a regular journal containing a true and exact account of his daily proceeding and transactions with such vessel and the crew there of the ports and places he shall put into, or cast anchor in; the time of his stay there, and the cause thereof; the prizes he shall take, and the nature and probable value thereof the times and places, when, and where taken and in what manner he shall dispose of the same; the ships or vessels he shall fall in with; the times and places when and where, he shall meet with them, and his observations and remarks thereon. Also, of whatever else shall occur to him, or any of his officers or marines, or be discovered by examination or conference with any marines or passengers, or in any other ship or vessels, or by any other means touching the fleets, vessels, and forces of the United States; their posts and places of station and destination, strength, numbers, intents and designs; and such commanding officer shall immediately on his arrival in any port of the Confederate States, from or during the continuance of any voyages or cruises produce his commission for such vessel, and deliver up such journal so kept as aforesaid, signed with his proper name and hand writing to the collector

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