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or letters of marque and reprisal under this act and brought into the Confederate States there shall be allowed a deduction of 33 1-3 per cent on the amount on the net amount of duties imposed by law. Sect 15) That five per centum on the net amount (after deducting all charges and expenditures) of the prize money arising from captured vessels and cargoes, and on the net amount of the salvage of vessels and cargoes recaptured by private armed vessels of the Confederate States shall be secured and paid over to the collector or other chief officer of the customs, at the port or place in the Confederate States, at which such captured or recaptured vessels may arrive, or to the consul or other public agent of the Confederate States, at which such captured or recaptured vessels may arrive and the monies arising therefrom shall be held and are hereby pledged by the government of the Confederate States as a fund for the support and maintenance of the widow and orphans of such persons as may be slain, and for the support and maintenance of such persons as may be wounded and disabled on board of the private armed vessels commissioned as aforesaid, in any engagement with the enemy, to be assigned and distributed in such manner as shall hereafter be provided by law.

Howel Cobb Pressident of the Congress Jefferson Davis Approved May 6th 1861 Presidents instructions to private armed vessels 1 The terms of your commission under the act of Congress entitled “An Act, recognizing the existence of war between the United States and the Confederate States and concerning letters of Marque, prizes, and prize goods “ a copy of which is hereto annexed, will be kept constantly in your view. The high seas reffered to in your commissions, you will understand generally to refer to low water mark, but with the exception of the space within one league, or three miles from the shore of countries at peace both with the United States and the Confederate States. You may nevertheless execute your

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