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commission within that distance of the shore of a nation at war with the United States and even on the waters within jurisdiction of such nation, if permitted to do so. (2nd) You are to pay the strictest regard to the rights of neutral powers, and the usages of civilized nations; and in all your proceedings toward neutral vessels, you are to give them as little molestation or interruption as will consist with the right of ascertaining their neutral character, and of detaining and bringing them in for regular adjudication, in the proper cases. Your are particularly to avoid even the appearance of using force, or seduction with a view to deprive such vessels of their crews or of their passengers other than persons in the military service of the enemy. 3rd Towards enemy vessels and their crews, you are to proceed in exercising the rights of war, with all the justice and humanity which characterize this government and its citizens (4th) The master and one or more of the principal persons belonging to the captured vessels are to be sent as soon after the capture as may be, to the judge or judges of the proper court in the Confederate states, to be examined, by oath touching on the interest or property of the captured vessel and her lading; and at the same time are to be delivered to the judge or judges, all papers, charters [parties?], bills of lading, letters and other documentation and writings found on board; the said papers are to proved by the affidavit of the commander of the capturing vessel, or some other person present at the capture to be produced as they were received, without [fraud?], addition, subduction, or embezzlement. 5th) Property even of the enemy, is exempt from seizure on neutral vessels, unless it be contraband of war If goods contraband of war are found on any neutral vessel, and the commander thereof shall offer to deliver them up, the offer shall be accepted, and the vessel left at liberty to persue its voyage, unless the quantity of contraband goods be greater than can be conveniently received on board your vessel, in which case the neutral vessel may be carried into port for delivery of the contraband goods. The following articles are deemed by this government contraband of war,

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