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as well as all others that are so declared by the law of nations, viz. All arms and implements serving in the purposed of war by land or sea, such as cannons, mortars, guns, muskets, rifles, pistols, petards, bombs, grenades, shell ball, shot, fuses, pikes, swords bayonets, javelins, lances, horse furniture, holsters belts and generally all other implements of war. Also timber for ship building, pitch, tar, rosin, copper in sheets, sails hemp cordage, and generally whatever may serve directly to the equipment of vessels, unwrought iron and planks only excepted. Neutral vessels conveying enemy’s dispatches or military persons in the service of the enemy, forfeit their neutral character and are liable to capture and condemnation. But this rule does not apply to neutral vessels bearing dispatches from the public ministers or ambassadors of the enemy residing in neutral countries. By the command of the President of the Confederate States Robert Toombs Secretary of State Form of Bond ( ) Know all men by these presents, that we (Note 1) are bound to the Confederate States of America in the full sum of (Note 2) thousand dollars, to the payment whereof well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs executors, and administrators, jointly and severally by these presents the condition of this obligation is such, that whereas application has been made to the said Confederate States of America for the Grant of a Commission or letter of Marque and [general?] reprisals authorizing the (Note 3) or vessel called the to act as a private armed vessel in the service of the Confederate States, on the high seas, against the United States of America, its ships and vessels, and those of its citizens, during the pendency of the war and existing between the said Confederate States and the said United States Now if the owners, officers, and crew who shall be employed on board of said vessel, when commissioned shall observe the laws of the Confederate States and [the?] instructions which shall be given them according to law for the regulation of their conduct; and [illegible] shall satisfy all damages and injuries which shall be done or committed contrary to the

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