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March 13th 1867 at [Yayelleville?] Monticillo Oh, I, am a Good Old Rebel! O, I, am a good old rebel, Now that’s just what I am, For this “fair Land of Freedom” I do not care a dam. I’m glad we fit agin it; I only wish we’d won. I don’t want my pardon For anything I’ve done. 2 I hates the Constitution, This great Republic too. I hates the Freedman’s Buro, In uniforms of blue; I hates the nasty eagle, With all his brag & fuss, The lying, thieving Yankees, I hates ‘em wuss & wiss. 3 I hates the Yankee nation, And everything they do. I hates the Declaration Of Independence too, I hates the glorious union ‘Tis dripping with our blood. I hates their striped banner I fit it all I could. 4. I followed old Ma’s Robert. Four years or nigh about, Got wounded in three places and [slawed?] at Pink Lookout. I catched the roomatism A camping in the snow. And I killed a [chance?] of Yankees, And I’d like to kill some mo. 5 Three hundred [illegible] and Yankees Lie stiff in Southern dust, We got three hundred thousand Before they conquered us. They died of Southern fevers and Southern steel and shot I wish they were three millions Instead of what we got. 6th Verse [rest left for someone who can read sideways. I would recommend that you never post anything else like this volume unless you include in your software the ability to rotate a page as is offered on the LVA website which uses Omeka, also]

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