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Wednsday May the 7th/51 these 24 hours commence with fresh gales from the N.E. all hands imployed in stowing down Oil and cleaning up decks at 5 P.M. got site, Long 84=50 at 6 P.M. took in sail and hove to for the knight heading to the N.W. at 7 A.M. got site Long at 84=39 latter part of these 24 houres fresh gales from the E by Observation at in the Lat of 24=39 so ends theas 24 hours.

Thursday May the 8th/51 the first part of theas 24 houres fresh gales from the E could git no site at 4 A.M. more moderate for an hour or two and quite Clear got site at 7 A.M. Long 87=07 latter part of theas 24 hours Strong breezes from the S.E. furled fore and main topgalliant sail and flying gib [jib] so ends theas 24 hours at 12 got an Observation Lat 24=52

Friday May the 9th/51 these 24 hours commence with fresh gales from the Eastern Quarter weather squolley and unsettled shortened sail at the yousal [usual] time 1/2 past 6 P.M. but as we wanted to git farther to the westward cap her before the wind at 10 P.M. took a heavy squoll and brought to hauled up the fore sail, the squoll or tempest still increasing clewed down fore topsail and hauled up reaf [reef] tackles 4 A.M. being very ruff took larbourd and Waist boat up on the upper crains [cranes] latter part of theas 24 hours more moderate Lat 24=35 Long 85=10

Saturday May the 10th/51 these 24 hours commence with Strong breezes from the East at 2 P.M. more moderate sat the topgalliant sails after shaking out the reafs in the topsails 5 P.M. got site Long 85=28 at 1/2 past breez freshend up again and we shortened sail for the knight Stearing N.W by W till 10 P.M. then hove to laying up N by E 6 AM got site Long 85=33 latter part of these 24 hours fresh gales from E.N.E. so ends theas 24 hours Lat 25=12

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