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Tuesday May the 27th/51 theas 24 houres commence with moderate Gales from the Eastern quarter with fine weather all hands imployed in ships duty moastly in finishing up the standing riging, about 3 O Clock saw a heavy water spout come with a mile and a half of us before it lost its force weather verry squolley shortened sail. at midnight Squoley at 6 A.M. got sight Long 88=42 fresh breeses and squolley weather untill 8 A.M. when it cleared up and we had fine weather moderate Gales frome the E.N.E. so ends theas twenty four houres Lat 28=57

Wednesday May the 28th the first part of theas 24 houres moderate gales from E.N.E. heading N.N.W. come into mudy Cullered watter sounded with 80 fathoms of line got no bottom, tacked Ship and head to the South with a pleasant brees at 5 P.M. got sight Long 88=42 weather verry good through the night at 4 A.M. it squoled up and it was squolley until about 10 A.M. when it cleared of[f] and we had fine weather with fresh gales got site Long 88=32 Struck two porpoces lost them boath, so ends theas 24 houres Lat 27=52

Thursday May 29th theas twenty four houres Strong Gales from the East at 6 P.M. under short Sale and a verry rough weather raised a learge school of whale lowered for them took one 18 Bbl whale along side, before we could git a fluke worp on to her flukes, she parted all the worps that was made fast to her and went a drift, it was dark being no moon, to give us light we lowered one boat the Capt and myself with a boats crew went to find the whale, and as good luck would hav it we rowed direct to the whale, while we wer gon from the vessel a man fell over board an saving him come verry near loosing two more, and one man got a hoist that will disinabled him for two or three days proberbly we finealy succeded in saving the whale at 4 A.M. in the morning commenced cutting in with verry rough weather, so ends theas 24 hours with fresh Easterly gales, by dead reconing Long 88=38 Lat 27=37

[in margin, in pencil] all this scrape through the stupidity and greenes of pewinkle

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