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Friday June the 6th/51 All of theas twenty foure houres moderate gales from the S.E. and fine weather. woch on deck imployed in boiling blubber 5 P.M. got sight Long 87=16 at 8 A.M. got sight Long 87=19 saw a number of small breaches supposed them to be porpoces so ends these twenty foure houres. by Ob'n Lat 27=28

Saturday June the 7th theas twenty foure houres commence with moderate gales from the S.E. fine weather saw two vessels heading to the N.W. at midknight fine weather wind canted further to the South. at 6 A.M. made a schoo[l] of whale of[f] our weather quarter. lowered and killed some six or Eight whale, saved only two the school of whale took to the windward, we took our whales along side and commenced Cutting in. pleasant gales from the West so ends theas 24 hours Lat 27=00 Long 87=00

[pencil note in margin] This day lost a twenty barrell whale through Pewinkle

Sunday June the 8th the first part of theas twenty four hours pleasant gales from W.S.W. all imployed in cutting in the twoo whales taken in the fore noon. fine weather through the knight at 7 A.M. got sight Long 87=09 latter part fine weather wind at West. all hands imployed in saveing the head Oil so ends theas twenty foure houres Lat 27=03

Monday June the 9th pleasant gales from the Weast throughout theas twenty four hours and fine weather for boiling blubber which the woch on deck was buisely imployed in. caught a dolphin with the grains, saw three sale of vessels headed to the S.E. at 7 A.M. got sight Long 86=48 so ends theas twenty foure houres all hands in good Spirits Lat 27=01

[at foot of page, in pencil, upside down] Jesus lover of my soul Let me to thy bosom fly, While the waves of trouble roll While the tempest still is high.

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