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Sunday September the 7th 1851 theas twenty foure houres moderate gales frome the S.W. and fine, pleasant, weather, the Verginiea came down and spoke us we had 250 Bbls five months out Capt Martine 160 Bbl [unclear] of foure months out. the Wolter Irving was but a short distance to leward. we both ran down and spoke him with 160 Bbls of spurm Oil we gamed with them until about 8 0r 9 O clock P.M. fine moderate weather through the knight and latter part of theas twenty four hours boath of theas vessels in sight so ends this days journal 25 miles SE from Flores

Monday Sept the 8th 1851 theas twenty four hours moderate breeses and pleasant weather saw a learg ship boiling. headed in towards Flores so ends theas 24 hours Flores is about 25 miles to the N.W. of us so ends theas twenty four hours

Tuesday Sept the 9th theas twenty four hours begins with moderate breeses from S with fine weather at midnight rainey and squolly and continues so at eight A.M. we wer under double reaf topsails 3 sail in sight it cleared up about 12 so ends theas 24 houres stearing for Fayoll [Faial Island, Central Azores] which baires S.E. 30 miles distant so end theas 24 hours

[noted in margin] saw a school of blackfish

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