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and took in gib at 10 P.M. having run the required distance to clear the sheep keys which the Coast pilot lay down 26 ½ hauled up S.W. by S till 1 A.M. then hauled up S W by S x S till 5 A.M. the wind canting to SSE Steared S.W. by the wind at 8 A.M. Orenge keys in sight from aloft baring N.W. 8 or 10 miles distant at ½ past 10 being about [Calmre] and the wind a head anchored 18 sail in sight moast of them at anchor on the great Bahama So ends theas twenty four hours Lat 24=44 Long 79=12

Friday April the 25th/51 the first part of theas 24 houres moderate gales from S varaying to S.W. and as the wind was a head for us to run for the double headed slot key on the salt keys we still lay at anchor all hands inployed in Ships duty, moderate gales the latter part of theas 24 houres 12 sale in site at anchor Lat 24=44 Long 79=12

Saturday April the 26th theas theas [sic] 24 houres commence with moderate gales from the S with fine weather at ½ past 4 P.M. lowered our boats for exersise, spoke the Bark Adelaide of and from New York bound to [Saglegrand]. at 8 P.M. fresh gales from the South which continued the same through the knight a number of Ships and Brigs came in on to the Banks and anchored with us, latter part of theas 24 houres fresh gales from the Weast so ends theas 24 hours Lat 24=44 Long 79=12

Sunday April the 27th the first part of theas 24 houres lay at anchor on the Great Bahama, fresh gales from S.W. to W.N.W. caught a planty of suckerfish 4 P.M. moderate breezes. At 3 Oclock A.M. the wind canted to the N.E. got under way and steared S.W. x W for Salt key, latter part of theas 24 houres pleasant gales from NE Lat 24=18 Long 79=38

George Williams the Steward prooves verry refractory will not attend to his duty. he has repetedly disobeyed The Captins Orders by sleeping in the forecastle after being strictly forbiden so to do

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Thursday April 24th (continued from previous page)

...sheep keys... Sheep Cay is a small island in the Berry Island district of the Bahamas, just south of Great Harbour Cay.

Orenge keys... Orange Cay is the southernmost island of the Bimini Island chain in the Bahamas. Bimini is the westernmost district of the Bahamas, about 53 miles due east of Miami.

Friday April the 25th/51

... to run for the double headed shot key an the salt keys (I'm assuming that "an" was meant as "and". I don't think the first letter is an "o".) The Double Headed Shot Cays are a group of islets that make up part of the outer rim of the Cay Sal Bank atoll of the Bahamas. They extend northeastward from the Elbow Cays, incorporating the Water Cays and all islets and reefs up to the Deadman Cays. They are a part of the Bahamas Biminy district. (Wikipedia article on Cay Sal Bank.) Salt Cay, now known as Blue Lagoon Island, is located about 3 miles from Nassau, Bahamas. Prior to dredging in the late 19th century, it was a salt marsh and a stopover for pirates and privateers who used salt culled from the lagoon to preserve their food. The island also provided a rest stop for ships awaiting permission to enter Nassau Harbour. (Wikipedia article on Lagoon Island.)

Saturday April the 26th

...spoke the Bark Adelaide... That is, maneuvered close enough to the Adelaide to exchange greetings and news. (Sea Talk Nautical Dictionary,

...[Saglegrand]... I can't make sense of this, either. I think the original reader has the letters correctly interpreted, but I have no idea what is meant by it. The closest thing I could turn up with Google was "Saddle Cay" or "Saddle Back Cay", but I don't think that is what was meant.